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Hungry Shark Arena

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Hungry Shark Arena is an online multiplayer shark game. Compete against other hungry sharks in a battle royale deathmatch where only the last shark

Drag to move, Click for speedboost!

How to Play
Grow your shark by eating other lifeforms. You can tuck into the finest oceanic cuisine, from little fish to underwater divers depending on the size of your shark. To eat food, swim into your prey or left-click to boost for a more vicious attack!

Kill, eat, and grow. Dominate other players by spearing them with your tusk and eating the meat they leave behind. Keep doing this until you’re the most fearsome predator in the sea. Avoid mines and make sure you stay within the moving boundaries.

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Battle and impale the aquatic opposition
Eat their remains to grow bigger and get stronger
Choose a unique username to take into the game
Earn gold to buy new sharks with different strengths and abilities

Ubisoft developed Hungry Shark Arena.

Web browser

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Hungry Shark Arena



candy fruit 2023