Water Slide Car Racing Sim

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Welcome to water Surfer car floating race simulation game with new water and surfing
environment and brand new luxury cars.
challenging levels to complete and finish in given time.
You have played many water racing games like water surfer car racing game,
water surfer bus game, water surfer jet racing game and many others similar to it till now,
you will have enjoyed a lot but this is very simple and more amusing among all.

Car Drive With W+A+S+D
1Amazing car surfing new experience.
2-Different game playing modes.
3-Novel concept of car surfing.
4-Simple and easy game commands.
5-Perfect camera angles for better view.
6-Interlining missions for player
7-Totally unique racing game scenarios
8-Longest frozen waterslide tracks
9-Modern & Luxurious sports cars
10-Free ride, career and time mode
11-Vivid graphics with astounding visuals
12-Amazing car drifting effects on water
13-Realistic sound effects

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Water Slide Car Racing Sim


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